Residential Property Management (WEG)

We take over your entire property management.

Verwaltung von WEG, Hausverwaltung

Our Services

The monthly management fee per residential unit is based on the size of your condominium ownership (WEG).


2 – 5 residential units


Monthly per residential unit

WEG Size S

6 – 10 residential units


Monthly per residential unit

WEG Size M

11 – 20 residential units


Monthly per residential unit

WEG Size L

21 – 40 residential units


Monthly per residential unit


41+ residential units


Monthly per residential unit

How We Will Help You

✅ 1x Initial recording of all data and setup of accounts (ℹ)

✅ 1x Organizing the owners’ meeting per year, online or in person (ℹ)

✅ 3x Implementation of circular resolutions per year (Umlaufbeschlüsse) (ℹ)

✅ 4x Conducting advisory board meetings per year (ℹ)

✅ 1x Inspection of common property per year
✅ Keeping a record of resolutions
✅ Commercial accounting
✅ Administration of common funds
✅ Preparation of a budget (Wirtschaftsplan)
✅ Preparation of the annual statement (Hausgeldabrechnung)
✅ Obtaining quotes and monitoring repair and maintenance measures on common property


Online owners’ meetings have proven to be effective and we are happy to conduct them for you. Participants can conveniently join via webcam on their PC, tablet, smartphone, or even by phone.

However, if preferred by the homeowners, we also offer in-person owners’ meetings, where we book a suitable meeting location near the property’s location at the expense of the homeowners’ association (WEG), in consultation with the advisory board (Beirat).

From our experience, we advise against hybrid meetings with some owners in person and others online. This incurs additional costs for technology, voting becomes more complex, and the entire meeting unnecessarily extends in duration.

Yes! Our professional indemnity insurance covers up to €500,000 per claim. We are happy to provide you with the policy containing all the details.

Yes! An additional contract between the owner and Hanseatic Properties is necessary for this. You can view the terms under Rental Administration Services.

In case of any conflicts of interest, Hanseatic Properties contractually commits to representing the interests of the condominium ownership.

Our standard contract for property management in condominium ownership is for 2 years.

Feel free to ask us if you desire different conditions. The maximum initial contract duration possible is 5 years.

At the moment, we only handle the property management of residential properties.

At the moment, we only handle property management for purely residential properties.

Yes! Even if your condominium ownership has just been newly established, which is typically the case for recently completed new construction projects, we are happy to take on your property management.

The easiest way to switch is by giving notice to your current property manager for your condominium ownership.

For this, you need a resolution (Beschluss) from the condominium owners’ association (WEG), which you can either decide on during the owners meeting  (ETV) or through a circular resolution (Umlaufbeschluss). Keep in mind that ‘spontaneous’ resolutions during a meeting are often invalid. Therefore, it’s advisable to submit the agenda item ‘Termination of current property manager’s contract effective date x’ in advance. It makes sense to coordinate this with other owners and the board (Beirat) beforehand, as a majority is required for the resolution to be successful. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us.

We’d be happy to introduce ourselves during a meeting or in an informal video call with your condominium owners’ association and send you our specific offer in advance.

Price list for additional services

(Unit = Residential Unit)

  • Setup fee 200€ per Unit

    A setup fee is typically not charged. However, for contract durations of less than two years, we reserve the right to charge the setup fee per residential unit for reasons of profitability.

  • Additional homeowners meeting (ETV) 20€ per Unit

    The conduct of the regular homeowners meeting is already covered by the basic fee. For additionally required homeowners meetings, we charge a fee per residential unit of the homeowners' association, regardless of the actual number of participants in the homeowners' association meeting. With online meetings, all costs associated with the meeting are covered.

  • Additional resolution by circulation (Umlaufbeschlüsse) 5€ per Unit

    The execution of up to three resolutions by circulation per calendar year is already included in the basic fee. However, if the effort exceeds three resolutions by circulation per year, we charge a fee per residential unit.

  • Additional advisory board meeting (Beiratssitzung) on effort basis

    The conduct of up to four advisory board meetings per year is covered by the basic fee. However, if the number of meetings exceeds four per year, we charge a fee per hour commenced.

  • Dunning letter 20€

    We create a legally compliant letter and deliver it to the delinquent owner. The late payment fee is owed by the owner.

  • Consumption information for heating costs for one residential unit 5€ per Unit

    In the event that the company responsible for meter readings does not provide consumption information to the owners directly, we handle that, for example, as part of the service charge statement.

  • Travel costs 0.30€ per km

    Journeys between the management office and the property are already covered by the basic fee. For any additional necessary journeys, such as attending a homeowners' meeting at a different location, we charge a flat rate per kilometer.

Transparency is important to us.
That's why we don't hide our terms in the fine print. But don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or want to see a sample contract.
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