Real Estate Photography

We create professional photos of your property, optimized for popular real estate portals or according to your specifications.

fantastic real estate photography

Our Services

For additional services such as 360° shots, please see price table below.

Apartment S

1 – 2 rooms


for up to 5 professional photos

Apartment M

3 – 4 rooms


for up to 7 professional photos

Apartment L

5+ rooms


for up to 10 professional photos


Up to 5 rooms


for up to 11 professional photos

House XL

6+ rooms


for up to 14 professional photos

Unsere Leistungen

✅ We create HDR full-frame images of all rooms
✅ We create HDR full-frame images of the building and the garden
✅ We create HDR full-frame images of details such as a fireplace
✅ All images are professionally edited
✅ We make even difficult spaces like basement rooms or saunas shine
✅ We deliver the images digitally and optimized for real estate portals or Airbnb
✅ Image editing typically < 1 week or by agreement
✅ Book your shooting appointment online here, without lengthy back and forth

Excellent Photos

Many factors are important to create an appealing photo:
✅ Preparation of the property
✅ Professional photographic equipment
✅ Suitable lighting or flash photography
✅ The right angle of view
✅ And much more…
However, post-processing takes the most time.


Apart from everything being clean and private objects (e.g., photos with people in them) needing to be removed, there are further recommended precautions.

But don’t worry, we’ll send you a checklist in advance so you don’t forget anything, and perfect conditions will be in place for the shooting appointment.

Yes! Specific instructions are helpful. But you can also simply rely on our expertise. The decision is entirely up to you.

We send you all images at least in HD resolution, JPG format, and in horizontal orientation.

We only create images in vertical orientation upon explicit instruction. Many large real estate portals do not accept images in vertical orientation.

Depending on the booked package, you should expect a minimum of 30 minutes and up to two hours.

The lighting conditions are usually best in the afternoon. Therefore, our urgent recommendation is to only book shootings during sunny hours.

For best results, we recommend keeping an eye on the weather forecast when booking the shooting appointment. This is especially important if outdoor shots are planned.

That’s not a problem. Small imperfections such as exposed cables can be retouched.

If you want it to be really professional, digital furnishing is an option. In this case, we have a service provider create a 3D furnishing according to your specifications, which presents the raw construction in a completely new light. Just let us know if you’re interested.

We photograph with a modern digital full-frame camera. We use a tripod and various lenses. For challenging lighting conditions, we are equipped with multiple remote-controlled flashes.

For optionally requested 360° shots, we use a corresponding digital camera.

All devices operate on batteries, so it is generally possible to conduct a shoot in locations without electricity.

Yes! Just contact us via email regarding your individual photography needs, and we will provide you with an offer.

Price list for additional services

  • Travel flat rate within the city of Hamburg 40€

    The flat rate includes all costs for transporting the equipment to the location of the photo shooting and back within Hamburg.

  • Travel costs outside of Hamburg 0.50€ per km

    Includes all costs for transporting the equipment to the location of the photo shooting and back.

  • Additional photo including post-processing 40€

    An additional image requested by you.

  • Additional 360° photo 30€

    Ideal for offering an online tour. Image is captured with a 360° camera and not edited.

  • All images in RAW format 40€

    You're a pro in image editing and want to get hands-on yourself.

  • No logo on all photos in a package 30€

    If you do not want logo branding with ''.

  • Digital staging for one image Starting from €199

    In digital home staging, even a raw construction becomes something unique through 3D graphics.

  • Digital floor plan graphic Starting from €99

    We create an attractive floor plan graphic based on your templates.

Transparency is important to us.
That's why we don't hide our terms in the fine print. However, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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