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In sales, the commission is based on a percentage of the achieved selling price.


1 Apartment/House




(= 4% plus VAT)


1 Apartment/House




(= 3% plus VAT)


1 Apartment/House




(= 2% plus VAT)

How We Will Help You

✅ Assessment of the current market value
✅ Professional photography of the property
✅ Creation of a professional exposé for relevant real estate portals
✅ Placement of advertisements on relevant real estate portals

✅ Placement of a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of the property (ℹ)

✅ Scheduling and conducting viewing appointments with interested parties
✅ Preparation of a notarial purchase agreement according to your specifications
✅ Engagement of a notary
✅ Arrangement of a notary appointment
✅ Accompaniment to the notary appointment


You can hire us as a landlord or a tenant.


1 Apartment/House


Monthly rents

(plus VAT)

✅ Assessment of achievable rental price considering all legal requirements
✅ Professional photo shoot of the property
✅ Creation of a professional expose for relevant real estate portals
✅ Publication of advertisements on relevant real estate portals
✅ Arrangement and conduct of viewing appointments with potential tenants
✅ Solvency check of rental applicants
✅ Preparation of rental agreements according to your specifications
✅ Guidance on opening a rental deposit account
✅ Arrangement of apartment handover appointment
✅ Accompaniment to or sole execution of apartment handover including digital handover protocol with photos


1 Apartment/House


Monthly rents

(plus VAT)

✅ Creation of your professional application portfolio
✅ Selection of rental properties according to your preferences
✅ Contacting landlords on your behalf
✅ Scheduling viewing appointments
✅ Accompaniment to viewing appointments
✅ Rental agreement review
✅ Rental price assessment


In the most expensive option, the non-exclusive brokerage contract, you can also engage other brokers in parallel and privately seek buyers and sell.

This often appears unprofessional to buyers because it often leads to multiple listings of the same property in the same portals. It usually also affects the purchase price.

The semi-exclusive brokerage contract prohibits you from engaging other brokers in parallel and allows us to work more professionally and therefore more successfully.

The cheapest option is also the most comfortable for you. The exclusive brokerage contract also prohibits you from selling the property privately. Instead, you refer every interested party to us.

Yes! However, all co-owners need to sign the brokerage agreement before we can proceed. We therefore ask you to clarify this with all co-owners preferably in advance. From experience, we offer communities of heirs only semi-exclusive and exclusive brokerage mandates.

For apartments, we use the comparison method (Vergleichswertverfahren) whenever possible. For rented multi-family houses, the income method (Ertragswertverfahren) is usually applied. For single-family homes, we use the cost method (Sachwertverfahren).

However, each property is unique. In any case, we assist you with a realistic assessment of the current value of your property.

You can pass on a maximum of 50% of the commission to the buyer.

However, our recommendation is not to do so. If you pass on the commission, we can no longer advertise the property as commission-free, and it may make financing more difficult for potential buyers. This could ultimately affect the selling price.

But the decision is up to you!

We work with a contract term of 6 months for all types of brokerage contracts. If you prefer a different term, please let us know before contract signing.

The brokerage contract must always be signed by all co-owners together.

At the moment, we do not offer this service.

What we can offer you is independent advice on your buying intention or on a specific property.

What we do not offer are consultations and services for financing a property.

If no commission has been paid, we will invoice any actual expenses incurred as a reimbursement.

If we have already provided services for you within the 14 days, we will invoice you for these services in case of contract withdrawal, as per legal regulations.

Price list for additional services

Important: Compensation for expenses is only invoiced if no commission has been paid.
  • Advertising costs on a cost basis

    Costs incurred for advertisements will be invoiced as part of the compensation for expenses if no commission is paid.

  • Costs for billboards on a cost basis

    The costs incurred for billboards are invoiced as part of the compensation for expenses if no commission is paid.

  • Personnel costs free

    We do not charge for personnel costs.

  • Travel costs 0.30€ per km

    We charge for incurred travel expenses as part of the compensation if no commission is paid.

Transparency is important to us.
That's why we don't hide our terms in the fine print. However, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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